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What are peoples thoughts on the younger tickling of the Cutie Mark Crusader Pics like this one: 

64 deviants said I like them, but you should draw them being tickle tortured harder!
48 deviants said I like them, but you should just draw them in soft/gentle tickle situations.
38 deviants said I like them, but you should draw them "aged-up" and tickle tortured hard!
8 deviants said I don't like it when you draw younger characters getting tickled. It's ick for me.
Gah! It's already Monday evening and I feel as tired as one can be. Curse my lack of sleeping! Grumble Mumbles! 

Tonight I mostly just mooked about on Hearthstone and "tried" to roleplay. (More often then "try" is often the right word to use. Because I'm equal parts picky and snobbish about roleplay. And before the half dozen 14 year olds ask: No, I don't roleplay on DA.) Kinda getting a real love-hate relationship with roleplay. I like the concept of playing with another literally articulate person to craft fun stories, but often I feel the effort doesn't really give the outcomes I'm seeking. :I

I'm a bit of an oddity to be honest. I work 9 hour days and then come home on most nights to do something "Productive" for about 3-4 hours. Whether that's drawing, working on career development, trying to learn how to make games etc. So I can't sleep unless I know I've sank 12 hours of my day into "things" that either I learn from or other people can enjoy.

Oh the things you can get done when you don't have a girlfriend and your family is 1000km away. :I

Anyway, projects I've got going at the moment are:

- My continued desire to play with animation to make some cute ticklish and erotic scenes. I have to admit I'm on my Anthro Pony streak at the moment with these. So expect more tormented ponies for now. 

- Been..eer..considering commissions for animations. There's a few issues with it though. One is how time consuming it is..the other is how expensive it would be. I've got to give this more thought. Been thinking of perhaps making some pose and position templates, like a pony in a stock and then allow commissioners to pay to have their pony of choice be foot tickled in some way. If people are interested in such an idea please let me know. 
- Commissions are for the most part still not available at the moment. The last one took me a whole week to draw and was just killer in terms of effort. I think it'll still be a few weeks before I can get back to them again.

Normal Pics:
- Sketches will come and go. Just mostly experimenting with the whole animation thing at the moment to be honest. 

And that's my life at the moment. :D How are you?


Light up the night!


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Hello Caroo! :D
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